Dec 11, 2012

In this stunning audio, a professor from the University of Texas admits that blacks score 200 points lower (avg) on SATs that whites.

When asked, "Why?" he didn't know, but speculated it was single-parent households.

From Gawker we read:

Controversial University of Texas at Austin law professor Lino Graglia gave an interview to the BBC in which he claims, among other things, that blacks and Latinos can't compete with white students, particularly because of the fact that so many of them are raised in single-parent households. Graglia's interview was related to the fact, as we've told you, UT is currently in a battle with a white student it rejected who claims that the school's affirmative action program is to blame for her having to go to a second-rate college.

In 1997, Graglia came under fire again for telling a conservative UT student group that the black and Mexican-American cultures set children up for failure. "They have a culture that seems not to encourage achievement," he said. "Failure is not looked upon with disgrace."

Source: Gawker