Thousands of black males missing in America

6,145 black men are missing from Jackson, Mississippi.

According to the 2010 Census report, there were 12,290 more black females in Jackson than males. Half of that disparity -- or 6,145 -- are obviously males.

Where did they go?

It could be that black men in Jackson have succumbed to a gender-related virus and died earlier than women. They may have been snatched up by space aliens.

More likely, they have been incarcerated or are victims of deadly crimes. What we do know for certain, they didn't move to Birmingham, Alabama. That city is missing 6,798 black males. Nor did they go to Gary, Indiana where 1,604 black males are gone.

The case of the missing males seems to be a uniquely black problem.

I randomly checked three cities with mostly white populations and discovered the disparity between males and females is virtually non-existent. In fact, two of the three cities actually had a surplus of male citizens -- more men than women!

Consider Lincoln, Nebraska where 86% of the population is white and only 3.8% is black:

Males 50.2%
Females 49.98%

Then look at the demographics in Salt Lake City, UT. The population in that city is 75.1% white but only 2.7% black.

Males: 51.3%
Females: 48.7%

Sioux Falls City, South Dakota, the third city I checked is about even. The population there is 91.9% white and 1.8% black. The gender divide is about even.

Males: 49.3%
Female: 50.7%

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