Jul 24, 2013

Why was he in Sanford and not in Miami where he's enrolled in school?
He'd been kicked out after an intense process of tolerance for trouble causers.

He's a thug.

Sabrina Fulton also kicked him out. Smoking dope, running with gangs; can't take it no more. She barred him from her house. Had he not been in Sanford, he possibly would be alive. She's got to know! That the boy was a bad actor. For her to stand up and get the whole world to call her boy a saint? She's the worst hypocrite.

Trayvon's daddy is shacking up. Never married to Sabrina. Not married to current partner. Typical black man.

Some folks in Miami are glad Trayvon's off the scene.

Do you know the agony of putting your boy out the house? Sabriana put the boy out the house; now telling America he's a damned saint.

Where's Tracy Martin work?

Zimmerman's dad served in Viet Nam. He fell in love with Gladys from Peru. They got married and stayed married. He became a local judge in Virginia. His wife helped him save money. They had Robert and George.

They're typical white family. They're not shacking up. THEY'RE MARRIED!

Do you see the contrast between the two?

Sabrina Fulton, for her to now run a Murphy on the American people and stir up racial unrest in which people may die... She did worse to Trayvon than George did. Somebody was going to kill him anyway.

He was unarmed? You don't want to hear the truth. You don't want to hear that. He was a thug. All that get dissolved because he was black.

Sabrina got tired of that boy taking her money. Tired of him smoking marijuana. You got to go son. I can't take this boy no more!

Now YOU want to say Zimmerman is the problem.

The Bible says to bring him to the church and stone him.

Zimmerman did what the Bible says. He stoned him! Thank you George!