Black Mayor: Too many black men making too many babies

The meltdown in America's black communities will continue, in spite of the words of wisdom issued from the heart and soul of Mayor Michael Nutter.

Other genuine black leaders have made similar appeals -- Bill Cosby comes to mind -- with no discernible affects.

What Nutter and Cosby are overlooking is innate nature. Mayor Nutter can plead with black teens to finish high school, learn proper English, pull up their pants, and enroll in college. Aside from pulling up their pants, a large segment of the young black population is simply biologically incapable of completing high school, let alone earn a college degree.

Nutter measures all black teen by his own standard. He is an unusually intelligent and talented person for whom academics came easy; at least compared to most young blacks.

Encouraging a 17-year-old black teen with an IQ between 70 and 90 that he must finish college is tantamount to telling a a 17-year-old black teen who is handicapped and wheelchair bound that he must run and finish the Boston Marathon next year. Not only is the charge impossible, it is downright mean spirited.

Nutter's charge to black male teens that the stop making babies they can't support fall within the realm of reality. That is one thing the can do. But they won't. The prospect of paying black male teens with low intellects smacks of eugenics, a science that causes most to cringe. Physicist Richard Lynn, however, thought such a program would be wise, providing it was volunteer. Lynn noted the person with lower IQs tended to make more babies than the intelligent counterparts. Because intelligence is heritable, Lynn concluded that the average intelligence of the nation would drop rendering it less productive and that, in return, affecting the national life quality to decline in tandem.
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