Thomas Sowell - Poverty & Dependence (1981)

This clip from a 1981 edition of William F. Buckley, Jr.'s Firing Line, features Thomas Sowell addressing economic disparities between ethnic groups. Sowell stops short of attributing IQ to the lagging of black Americans and attributes their failure, instead, on their cultural background as slaves who had no opportunity to develop leadership skills. He fails to notice, apparently, that he is an exception that challenges that contention. Sowell notes that Jews and Europeans came to America with craftsman skills and business acumen. In reality, most Europeans were unskilled and uneducated farmers. Think Abraham Lincoln and his ancestors.

If the average American earns $100, Jews earn $170, Irish earn $103, West Indians earn $94, Black earn $62, and Indians earn $60.

"One of the key ways of holding blacks in slavery at low cost," he says, "was to keep the people dependent as much as possible."

Dependence was key to holding slaves down. That same principle is seen in the welfare state.

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