Zo's anti-white rant

[See video at bottom of page for answer to Zo.]

I used to like this guy, but the  more I hear of Zo's incessant rants the more I realize he may be nothing more than bigot wrapped in conservative veneer.

In this video Zo invests his time arguing the contention that blacks tend to gang up on whites. He stretches the imagination to make a case that whites are no different from blacks when it comes to violent racist assaults.

He plays a video taken at a rock concert where the front man on stage is watching a black security guard bully a female fan. The entertainer calls out the security guard and pressures him to leave the venue. To reinforce his position, Zo evokes the Ku Klux Klan rehearsing the largely revisionist myth that the Klan did little more than harass black people. Considering that, in their day, Klan members outnumbered the entire black population, we could conclude that -- had the Klan purposed to destroy blacks -- there would be none left, including Zo.

Here are the facts.

52.2% of homicides are committed by blacks, according to the Dept of Justice. Nearly all are committed by black males between the ages of 18 and 49. That demographic comprises about three percent of the nation's population. When three percent are committing half of the violent crimes, we can assume the wild wolf pack scenario commonly associated with black street crime is confirmed.

Between the date the George Zimmerman used deadly force to protect himself and the date he was acquitted, there were 10,150 black-on-white assaults documented. I wonder if Zo can conjur even one white-on-black assault during that time.

Those who have lived in black communities are well aware that violent blacks attack in packs, whites don't attack at all. Leave it to Zo to find a few exceptions where white were defending themselves to make a case excusing black-on-white violence.

Has anyone besides me noticed that when white defend themselves against black assaults, the white victim is always portrayed as the aggressor?

I believe all racism is wrong. That includes the epidemic of black-on-white crime which Zo attempt to excuse and dismiss.

No excuses.

Below is a video in answer to Zo....

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