3 black girls torment a tiny white toddler

This has to be one of the most disgusting videos you will ever see.

Enabled by cultural Marxism (think Oprah), black Americans have developed a culture of violence against white people that begins at birth.

This video graphically demonstrates how black hatred for whites is unrestrained, without empathy, and embedded in black culture from the onset. Note the black kids are actually having fun; laughing and doing cartwheels as they brutally attack a white girl who is unable to defend herself. They laugh as she cries.

This unconscionable attack on a helpless little girl is unique only because it was captured on video. Such attacks are common. They occur multiple times every day in integrated neighborhoods where black hatred is forced upon white communities.

Jim Crow 'laws' were created to allow black communities to co-exist along side white communities by altruistic white people who believed in tolerance while, simultaneously, removing themselves from black violent culture.

Civil rights 'laws" -- which are neither civil nor right (as demonstrated in this video) -- disrespected white tolerance and force white people, beginning at the earliest stage in life, to be brutalized by the brute mindset fostered within black communities.

As you watch this video, ask yourself about the white privilege this little girl possesses. Do you see it? Neither do I.

White Americans have been duped into believing that acknowledging black violence and protecting themselves from it is somehow 'racist.' They are externally endowed with white guilt, primarily by the entertainment media that floods our eyes and ears with images of blacks being abused by whites -- all demonstrated by actors on Hollywood sound sets.

In reality white people seldom attack blacks. That is attested by government statistics. When they do engage in violence against blacks, it is almost always in self defense. The media nearly always misinterprets white self defense against physical black attacks as examples of white aggression.

White Americans necessarily need to rethink the concept of White privilege as the product of nonsensical brainwashing techniques utilizes by cults, consider themselves the victims of both mental abuse and physical abuse, and return to a sensible policy of extracting themselves from black violence by a reasonable and moral methods. It is literally a matter of survival.

Wonder: Will the parents of these black children be held accountable?

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