Aug 15, 2013

A crowd can be defined as two or more.

It's a lesson I learned 46 years ago while attending a mostly black high school. Many blacks are compelled by a social mandate to physically attack any white person who comes within striking distance. Sucker punching a white person in the head earns the attacker credibility among black peers. Failure to assault a passing white person is viewed as an act of submission, something untenable among blacks.

• A recent case was reported in the Denver area media this morning. The attack actually happened in May of this year when a 30-year-old man walked too close to three blacks. The attackers ranged in age from 25 to 27. Two were female, one was a male.

The victim, presumed to be white, was beaten to the concrete by the black male. As he lay unconscious at least one of the black females continued to attack him. The victim suffered "permanent blindness in his right eye, facial fractures and intra-cranial hemorrhaging."

A nearby police officer witnessed the attack and attempted to protect the victim from the violent assault. He said the victim tried to walk away, but was pursued by the black attackers. [source]

• Earlier this week a 26-year-old white man was beaten by a mob of blacks. According to that report the victim was strolling through a crowd of blacks as they were engaged in a gang fight. The mob abruptly ended their fighting and turned on the white man instead. That scenario is, obviously, highly unlikely. The white man was probably attacked by the black males as they were loitering. Like the Denver victim, this man suffered severe head trauma most likely the result of his head being stomped into the concrete. The victim was identified as Ray Widstrand and the attack occurred in St. Paul, Minnesota.

• A male nurse in Memphis was attacked by a mob of three blacks. David Santucci lost his life when three black thugs attacked him.  Santucci was shot to death. [source]

• A 13-year-old boy was forced by the government to be in the presence of violent blacks. The unarmed child was attacked by three black schoolmates as he rode home on the government school bus. The three old black attackers were placed on nine-months probation rather than jailed. The violent attack was captured on the bus video camera and went viral on the Internet. [source]

Hundreds of other black mob attacks have been reported in the news. Many others are ignored. What we learn from those news reports that pass the media censors is: Avoid crowds of black people.