Aug 23, 2013

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PHOENIX - It's video we first showed you back in June. A teen seen punching a man in front of a valley store, and others laughing about it. Now we've learned there's been an arrest in the case.

After weeks of investigating, police found and arrested the 18-year-old who punched the victim. Police say he admitted to knocking the guy out.

He says he felt disrespected because the guy accidentally walked by him and brushed his shoulder.

Phoenix Police have arrested 18-year-old James Diles-Taylor, seen in this video punching an innocent man outside of a grocery store. Diles-Taylor turned himself in police. He's now facing an assault charge.

It happened right at 19th Avenue and Glendale. The victim was sitting on a bench outside of Fry's when a group of teens approached him. He tried to walk away but seconds later he was knocked out.

Video of the knockout was posted on Facebook with hundreds of hits. After the video surfaced, police went public trying to find the victim -- and they did. Turns out he was embarrassed so he didn't report the assault. But he told police he wanted to press charges to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

The other teens in the video aren't facing any charges because police say they didn't punch the victim.

Diles-Taylor is facing assault charge. It's classified as misdemeanor assault.