Aug 9, 2013


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A Louisville woman and her friends say they were held up at gunpoint on the Big Four Bridge and police have yet to make any arrests. A police report says they had money and cell phones taken from them. They’re sharing their story in hopes of keeping others safe.

On a warm summer night in late July, Amanda Foster and two of her friends thought they’d take advantage of one of Louisville’s free attractions, the new Big Four Bridge. But, as they neared the end of their walk, Foster says three teenagers walked up behind them and asked to use a cell phone. Foster’s instincts told her something was wrong.

“As we got to the bottom of the stairs is when one of the kids pulled out a gun and said, you know, get down on the ground, I’m going to blast you,” Foster explained.
Foster said three black male teens forced them to the ground at the base of the stairs on the bridge ramp.

“They were like, give me your phone, give me your keys, give me everything. They, like, violated us, the girls, like feeling our chest and stuff.”

According to the police report, the thieves got away with phones, money, and a wallet. But, more importantly, Foster said they stole her sense of security, “Everywhere I go, I feel like I have to look over my shoulder and it’s just not something that anybody should have to go through.”

The lights on the bridge were on, there were other people out walking, but that didn’t stop the nightmare. Foster wants to make sure no one else gets caught with their guard down. “It was scary, it was really scary, and it was just like, this pit of fire in my stomach that’s like, don’t let somebody sweep it under the carpet again.”

LMPD is still investigating the robbery. There are cameras on the bridge, but they are aimed at the Downtown Bridge Project construction site, not at the Big Four Bridge deck.

If you have any information about the robbery, you’re asked to call 574-LMPD.