Aug 17, 2013

SOUTHAVEN, MS ( - A Southaven father is worried for his son's safety after the young man was beaten up twice by a group of neighborhood teens.

Cops arrested one of the teens this weekend, but the victim's dad is worried the fighting won't stop.

The boy is 15 years old. He says he was attacked twice, both times over a bicycle.

"I was at the church playing basketball," says Austin Grills.

"He was approached by about 15 young black males and accused of knowing who stole their bicycles," says his dad David. "They beat him unconscious and stomped his head on the floor."

"They hit me a couple times," Austin says. "All I remember is I woke up at the house and the police were in front of me."

The first fight happened at the Southaven Performing Arts Center at the end of June. Austin was attacked again Sunday night in his Colonial Hills neighborhood.

"Yesterday they approached me again, knocked me off my bike and hit me."

A couple who lives nearby saw it and called police.

"A juvenile was charged with simple assault and transferred to youth court," says Southaven Lt. Mark Little. "The kids involved are 15, 16, 17."

Austin and his dad say the teens also came near their house once.

"I threw a BBQ," says David. "During the BBQ, these young black males approached our home with baseball bats and knives."

The Grills say the first time Austin was attacked there were more than a dozen teens fighting him, six the second time.

That's not in Lt. Little's police report. He's assigning an officer to investigate the claim.

"The report indicated one suspect. He was arrested. If we have an issue we want to head it off now and take care of it before it turns into something worse."