Black woman steals 90-year-old shopper's purse


WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police are asking for the public's help to find a suspect in the robbery of a 90-year-old Pontiac woman.

The suspect has been identified as 49-year-old Deborah Simmons. Police say Simmons is a parole absconder with a criminal history dating back to 1985.  State records show Simmons has convictions for Larceny, Retail Fraud and numerous other charges.

The theft happened Tuesday at around 3:30 pm at the Meijer store on Highland Road in Waterford. Officers say the victim was looking at produce when Simmons came up behind her and took her cart, which had the victim's purse inside of it.

The shopping cart was located a few aisles away by the woman and a store employee. However, the purse had been unzipped. Police say two bank envelopes and the victim's wallet were missing.
Officers say the thief got away with $1,200 in cash and the victim's credit cards. Officers say the woman had taken the money out of the bank to pay her bills.

Police reviewed the store's surveillance video and identified the woman who was later identified as Simmons as the suspect.

In a portion of the surveillance video released by police, Simmons is seen looking at the other woman's cart, before pushing it away and out of the frame. She is then seen leaving the store.
Simmons is an older black woman with gray hair. She was wearing a white shirt, blue plaid shorts and white shoes on the surveillance footage.

Anyone who can help locate her is asked to call Waterford Police at (248) 618-7550.
The Waterford Police and the benevolent fund say they are teaming up to reimburse the victim for the money that was taken.

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