Sep 10, 2013

This video was apparently shot in Russia.

The white guy is obviously smaller than his African assailants, but much better trained.

Unlike black-on-white attacks in the USA, the Russian doesn't stomp their heads in the concrete. Instead, he backs off once they are on the ground. This allows them to get back in the fight forcing him to take two of his attackers down for a second time.

Liberals love this.

It's part of the Alinsky strategy to disrupt culture through agitation. While liberals tell us their compassion compels them to favor immigration from non-white cultures. The truth is a bit more coarse. Liberals know various ethnic groups naturally contend. Liberals talk about peace and racial harmony, then contrive cultures where infighting is inevitable. The net result is a perennially destabilized society that is government-dependent requiring top-down control.

It's akin to a president winning the Nobel Peace Prize, then threatening to attack Syria.