How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

When I first heard of this video I presumed it was some kind of quirky advertisement; that I would be sorry I wasted my time. It turns out it is not an ad. Ray Dalio sells nothing. It's fun, educational, and has no pressure to take action at the end.

It assumes that, at some point in your life, you will have 31 minutes to spare; time invested to watch the video. It will be a smart investment because, at the conclusion of your time invested, you will be substantially wiser than before you click the play button.

Mr. Dalio, who narrates this entertaining 31 minutes of simple animation, transfers his perspective from his brain to your brain. Considering that Mr. Dalio has accumulated about $13 billion and manages one of the world's most productive hedge funds, that's an information transfer worth making.

So why did Mr. Dalio make the video?

I have no idea.

But here it is. Watch, be entertained, and learn how the mind of a true billionaire views the nation's economic cycles.

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