Parent arrested for speaking out against Common Core

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By Liz Bowie, The Baltimore Sun

Robert Small said he wanted to express his dismay over the introduction of a new school curriculum at a public forum Thursday night in Towson, but instead the Ellicott City parent was pulled out of the meeting, arrested and charged with second-degree assault of a police officer.

Small stood and interrupted Baltimore County School Superintendent Dallas Dance during a question-and-answer session and began to tell the audience that he believed the new curriculum was lowering the standards of education and was intended to prepare students for community colleges. "You are not preparing them for Harvard," he said.

School superintendent Jerome Puyau agreed that some of the words seemed inappropriate, but stressed that the school was only following officials recommendations from Common Core, the new federal curriculum standards.

“Out of context, this word is inappropriate,” said Puyau. “However, within the Common Core standards, they do want us to discuss real world texts.”

Common Core has encountered serious pushback from conservative lawmakers and parents who worry that the new standards aren’t rigorous, rollback states’ rights and teach inappropriate subjects. (RELATED: Fifty shades of the Common Core: How much porn is too much for high schoolers?)

The standards were developed by the National Governors Association. They are supported by teachers union leaders, many Republican governors and the Obama administration.
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