Reasons to install a dash cam:
Near head-on crash caught on video

A speeding motorist is caught on video as he passes into oncoming traffic on Indiana's HWY-46 in Brown County. A head-on crash is avoided when on-coming traffic is forced off the road. It all happens in the first 12 seconds of the video. Had it not been for alert drivers, my dash cam would have recorded head-on crash.

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More reasons:

• To record trick questions from police

In the article below, notice the cop asks, "Why are you turning left without stopping at the stop sign?"

If the motorist explains why he's turning left, he's also admitting to not stopping. It's a trick question.

Police may also ask questions such as, "Why were you not wearing a seat belt" when they don't actually know (or can't prove) that your seat belt was not in use. Again, it's a trick question.

When I was pulled over last year the cop asked, "Why did you bolt out of your car?" He was trying to trick me into confessing to "bolting" out of my car because he had pointed a loaded gun at my head.

Below is an article about a motorist who used a dash cam to defend himself when dishonest cops issued three tickets for failure to stop at the same intersection...

• To keep cops honest

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Dennis Zweig has been issued three traffic tickets at the same intersection in the past two years for allegedly driving through a stop sign, prompting one website to ask if he’s the “unluckiest guy in Israel.”

Luckily for Zweig, he makes a habit of driving with a dashboard camera rolling which documented all three cases.  In the videos, the car appears to come to a full and complete stop at the site of the alleged infraction.

Even after Zweig complained to each of the cops who had stopped him, they refused to cancel the fines.

Fed up with what he views as an injustice, he loaded the third of his videos to YouTube this week after he was ticketed yet again on Monday.

Israel’s Channel 10 reports that all three tickets were issued at the same intersection near Zweig’s home in Bat Yam, a seaside suburb of Tel Aviv.

Here is the dashboard video which Zweig filmed earlier this week in which the car appears to make a full stop at the stop sign. In the video, it looks as if a significant distance was traveled between the intersection and the police officer who flagged the car, raising the question of how the officer was able to see the alleged violation, as he claims he did.

Zweig tells Channel 10, “The third time, it’s really, even I was in shock. And I want to tell all Israeli police, stop giving me tickets. I have a video camera installed in my car.” He says he’s soon going to install cameras facing the side and back windows of his car, allowing a 360 degree view.

Here is a translation of part of the exchange between Zweig and the ticket issuing officer earlier this week:

Police Officer: Why are you turning left without stopping at the stop sign?

Zweig: I stopped at the stop.

Police Officer: You didn’t stop at all. You drove slowly, true, on that I won’t argue with you.

Zweig: No, I stopped…

Police Officer: There was no stop.

Zweig: You can’t see [the intersection] from here.

Police Officer: I saw excellently. And if I had even the slightest doubt I wouldn’t be talking to you now.

Here is an excerpt of an eerily similar conversation that took place on August 24, 2011, which Channel 10 aired:

Police Officer: Why didn’t you stop at the “stop?”

Zweig: I stopped at the “stop.”

Police Officer: You didn’t stop.

Zweig: I stopped. […] Why am I getting a fine? […]

Police Officer: You didn’t stop.

Zweig: I stopped. I also have a dashboard camera installed in the car where you can see that absolutely I stopped.

Police Officer: I saw, and that policeman also saw.

After he was issued tickets for the 2011 and June 30 traffic stops, police officials later viewed the videos and canceled the fines, according to the news site Mako.

Regarding Monday’s incident, Zweig tells Mako that he does not plan to pay the fine and instead will appear in court with the video to try to prove his innocence.

Israel police would not comment to the Israeli media about Zweig’s case.
Reasons to install a dash cam:
Near head-on crash caught on video
Reasons to install a dash cam: <br>Near head-on crash caught on video
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