Oct 22, 2013

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We counter the Mainstream Marxist Media's exploitation of the race card with simple truth: 52.2% of homicides are committed by blacks [source 1] [source 2], most by males aged 18 to 49 (about 3 percent of the population). The black-offender homicide rate is 8 times greater than the white rate [source].
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By Martin Defrancesco (see video below)

Recent teaching guides published by Zaner-Bloser Inc and manufactured to adhere to Common Core standards in English and math may actually teach elementary school students racism and white privilege, according to the Education Action Group Foundation (EAG).

EAGnews purchased the teaching guides to analyze the “values and ideological perspectives that school children will be influenced by.”  The organization found that each the guide for each grade level provides a text[s] with week-long lesson plans.

One guide for 4th grade teachers contains texts and lessons unified by the theme of “Meeting Challenges”. The primary text for this lesson is “The Jacket”. An interesting fact about this certain guide is it’s extended lesson plan allotment: two weeks, instead of one.

EAG founder Kyle Olson summarized the book as a “story [that] centers around a young white boy named Phil who wrongly accuses an African-American student of stealing his brother’s jacket.”
“It’s a fun little book about racism and white privilege – a left-wing concept that teaches African Americans the values of American society are designed to benefit white people,” Olsen finished.

While the term “white privilege” is never mentioned in the book, Olsen cited footage of Dr. Marguerite Parks, of the University of Wisconsin, saying that the “multicultural educator[‘s]” foundation upon “[The Jacket] is the genesis for this analysis,” not his analysis.
In any case, Olsen closed by mocking the situation in which the book places elementary school students.

“So now 4th graders are looking into their souls to see their ‘white privilege.’”


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