Oct 21, 2013

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We counter the Mainstream Marxist Media's exploitation of the race card with simple truth: 52.2% of homicides are committed by blacks [source 1] [source 2], most by males aged 18 to 49 (about 3 percent of the population). The black-offender homicide rate is 8 times greater than the white rate [source].
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Editor’s Note: This article contains strong language and offensive themes.

A supposedly drunken man in the United Kingdom landed himself in hot water last week when he unleashed a racist tirade on the transit system. Cell phone video of his rantings quickly went viral, with the fiery rhetoric inevitably landing the 52-year-old man behind bars.

The incident, which reportedly unfolded on a London train last Tuesday, involved the man verbally assaulting a Japanese passenger.

The angry individual claimed that his uncle perished on the River Kwai during World War II and used that as the basis for his race-based attack.

“You tortured him. Get yourself off the train, get yourself off the train … You’re nasty people, yeah?,” he said to a Japanese woman. “F**k off. Get out of my country. Sayonara — sayonara!”

The passenger went on to attack others on the train as well, including the man who captured the footage. Bantering back and forth with the individual filming the tirade, the ballistic man spouted off additional disparaging views on various ethnicities.

And at moments, be chugged what appeared to be bottled wine and claimed to be ex-Parachute Regiment (Airborn Infantry of the British Army).

“I’ve done two tours in Northern Ireland and the Falklands. Don’t even f****ng look at me,” he told the cameraman.

Watch the bizarre video, below (warning: language and racial themes):

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