Mob of 5 black females assault a lone,
pregnant white woman in broad daylight

If we've seen it once, we've seen it a thousand times.

A mob of blacks (this time, females) instinctively circle their prey before the beat down.

I've never seen a pack of wild white people attack blacks in this manner. The exceptions would be (a) Hollywood's fictional revisionism that is intent on implanting false impressions in our minds and (b) historical revisionism that mischaracterizes white response to black crime as "racism."

If you can find a video of white-on-black mob violence, please post the link url in the comment section. Meanwhile, teach your children and grandchildren to avoid large groups (three or more) of blacks -- even in broad daylight they are not safe.

• White guilt and privilege

Our rational thinking is suffocated by false concepts of white guilt and white privilege imprinted upon our minds by the news and entertainment media. The cure for such media imposed mind manipulation is the personally experience the coarse reality of black hatred. Considering the pain, suffering, and potential of permanent physical damage, that is never a practical option.

Nonetheless, it is my presumption that the mind of the victim seen in this vicious attack has been cleared of all imposed delusions of white guilt. To bring her back into the fold of a multicultural mindset will require intense reprogramming, such as a sensitivity training class or participation in a Tim Wise Enhancing Diversity seminar.

How strange it is that white people allow themselves and their children to be beaten and abused, then accuse themselves of racism.

At what point do we erase the delusion from our minds, accept the reality that white people ended thousands of years of chattel slavery while enhancing the world's population with our innovative technology?

Until we arrive at that point, the beat downs of white people will persist.

Mob of 5 black females assault a lone,
pregnant white woman in broad daylight
Mob of 5 black females assault a lone, <br>pregnant white woman in broad daylight
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