NASHVILLE - Black shoplifter uses pepper spray on white employee

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Reported By Lori Mitchell / WKRN-TV

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WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Police are trying to identify the woman who allegedly shoplifted merchandise from Party City and then squirted pepper spray in the face of an assistant store manager as she fled.

The theft happened Sunday afternoon at Party City on Gallatin Pike in Madison.

According to store employees, two women and a man, all in their 20's, were spotted hiding items they picked up in the shop.

"When they walked past me I really saw they were concealing merchandise in their clothes," the assistant manager told Nashville's News 2.

She asked one of the women to hand over the goods. Instead, the woman pepper sprayed her and then fled the scene.

Employees said the store was full of customers when the incident occurred. Several of them, including some young children, were outside when the assistant manager was viciously attacked.

"There were little kids choking. One other male intervened when the pepper spray hit my employee and maybe his girlfriend or wife. He tried to help pull them away," said the store's owner

The entire incident was caught on store surveillance video.

The suspects fled and sped off it their car.

A witness wrote down the temporary tag number on the suspect's car but it was bogus and could not be tracked.

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NASHVILLE - Black shoplifter uses pepper spray on white employee
<hr>NASHVILLE - Black shoplifter uses pepper spray on white employee<hr>
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