Open-carry patriots rally safely at Alamo
while guns blaze in Chicago

Editor's note:

We counter the Mainstream Marxist Media's exploitation of the race card with simple truth: 52.2% of homicides are committed by blacks [source 1] [source 2], most by males aged 18 to 49 (about 3 percent of the population). The black-offender homicide rate is 8 times greater than the white rate [source].
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An Arkansas man was shot and killed in Chicago Friday when he and a friend pulled over to ask for directions [source]. Also in Chicago a 24-year-old male was shot as he and a friend reportedly argued with two others. We are told by the Mainstream Marxist Media that the epidemic of mayhem and murders prevails in areas where guns are a predominant. Chicago is one example. Detroit, East St. Louis, and dozens of other urban areas are also rife with gun violence.

Even a street-wise
black man isn't safe
in Chicago.
Robert Franklin, 55,
was shot dead after
stopping to ask for
directions in the
Windy City. 
If the presence of firearms is the root cause of mayhem and murder, we would have expected the lawn outside the Alamo to have been covered with blood and human entails Saturday. A KEYE-tv reporter wrote, "There was a display of firepower today in front of the Alamo, with hundreds of people carrying rifles, shotguns, and assault style weapons rallying for their right to bear arms." [See video below.]

A New York Times writer filed this report: "Angela L. Pena brought her family to the Alamo on Saturday. She also brought her black assault rifle, a .223-caliber LWRC M4, and had it strapped across her back. Her daughter brought her M&P rifle; her son-in-law carried his .308-caliber Remington R-25; and her 8-year-old grandson, Sebastian Gonzalez, had his Ruger 10/22 rifle" [source].

Not missing at the rally was rage. These patriots were clearly angry over the never-ending effort by governments to impede their Constitutional right to bear arms for self protection. According to some keyboard sociologists, that formula - a mass of angry people locked, loaded, and ready to fire - should have not ended as it did: Without one incident of violence.

Had Robert Franklin been at the Alamo rally
instead of the streets of Chicago,
he'd still be alive.
Earlier in the week a Chicago Tribune editorial pinned the gun-violence and murder epidemic where it belongs: On bad people, not on benign guns. The editorial writer advocated tougher sentencing for those who abuse their right to bear arms [source]

"Our research finds," the editorial concluded, "that at least 3,800 crimes, including more than 400 serious violent crimes, would be prevented each year in Illinois [if] the people who would commit those crimes [were] in prison" [source].

That, of course, evokes the race issue. The unspoken element, silence by inane and insane political correctness, is that gun violence is not an American problem. It is a black-American problem.
Patriots rally at Alamo to defend
their right to defend themselves.

But none can mention the race element without being slimed with false accusations of racism.

The unspoken reality is that gun violence in urban areas is almost exclusively committed by blacks with illegal guns while those rallying at the Alamo were almost elusively white who were not only bearing firearms, but had receipts for their purchase.

Political correctness, not guns, kills (mostly black) people. We conclude that political correctness that forces American to bury their brains in sandpits of abject denial is blatantly racist!

Meanwhile the KEYE-tv reporter was careful to note that the rally had its detractors by noting , "But the display of firepower is drawing criticism. Jacqueline Ortiz has details."

Here are those details...

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Open-carry patriots rally safely at Alamo
while guns blaze in Chicago
Open-carry patriots rally safely at Alamo<br>while guns blaze in Chicago
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