Nov 10, 2013

by Chris Delcamp / / See video report below

TOLEDO, OH -- On Nov. 2, December Long was working as a store clerk at the Stop & Go at 3131 Sylvania Ave.

Police said around 9 p.m., Christopher Shockley attempted to rob the store at gun point, and Long grabbed a gun of her own from behind the counter.

"He came in to do the armed robbery. It turned into a gun fight," said Toledo Police Public Information Officer Joe Heffernan.

According to police, Shockley shot first, striking the clerk in the abdomen. Long then returned fire, hitting Shockley, and killing him.

WNWO spoke with one man who visits the store regularly. He says the area is usually quiet.

"Something like this to happen in our community, it's just a shock," says Jose.

Shockley has a prison record, and his current address is listed as a half-way house in Toledo.

December Long was taken to the hospital after the shooting and is expected to be alright.

Police warn robbers to think twice before committing the offense.

Heffernan says, "You never know if that clerk behind the counter has a gun."

Jose is fine with clerks having guns.

He says, "I think it's wise to carry a gun behind the counter, because you just never know."

The same Sylvania Ave. location was also hit in February. Police released surveillance video attempting to catch that suspect.

And in December of 2012, a man attempted to rob the Stop & Go location on Upton with a knife, but he came up empty.

And just hours before that December attempt, two masked men attempted to rob the Stop & Go on Jackman.

Jose praises December Long for her actions, saying, "Well I would thank her honestly. That could have happened to someone else, and what if they didn't have a gun."

He thinks her actions may have prevented something worse from happening in the future.

"I use think if she didn't have that weapon, what could have happened to her. This could be another innocent person dead for no reason," he says.

There are no charges expected to be filed against the clerk.

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